Remote Communities

Remote Communities Committee

Mission Statement

To foster unity within the fellowship of Area 79 by creating an awareness of the needs of alcoholics in remote communities. This committee seeks to assist those who are unable to make it to regular face-to-face meetings on a consistent basis. Members may be faced with travel or geographic challenges or may face barriers such as language, cultural considerations and/or anything else that could separate a person who needs A.A. from our lifesaving program of recovery.

Committee Chair

The Remote Communities Committee Chair is an appointed position on the General Service Committee. For more information about the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson, please see the following Job Description.

For more information email Area 79 Remote Communities Committee Chair
or Phone: 604-435-2181
or Mail to: PO Box 42114, Vancouver BC, V5S 4R5.

For those wishing to submit their resumes for either an elected or appointed position on the Area 79 General Service Committee, please download the suggested service resume form  Service Resume . The link will reroute you to our elections section of our website. The use of the resume form is not mandatory for either elected positions or appointed positions. However, its use does assist both the candidate and the Fellowship in several ways. These include the provision of consistent information in an organized way and assisting candidates in adhering to time limits for presentation of resumes.

To let your name stand for an appointed position please see: Elections Page

Further Information

Area 79 Remote Communities Pamphlet (pdf, 2 pages)
A pdf document available for download, provides information about the ways that A.A. members in remote communities can connect to the support of the A.A. Fellowship. 

There are some A.A. meetings available by conference call. Please contact the Remote Communities Chair for information about how and when to connect to these conference call meetings.